As you all know, I was incredibly disappointed by the fact that I couldn’t vote in the last election on August 8th because I’d lost my national ID card. Which you also know that I found later. And I was really looking forward to voting in tomorrow’s repeat presidential election.


HOWEVER. The last two months have been the most polarizing in Kenya’s history. Looking at the two front runners, I’m sorry but neither of them deserves my vote. I don’t believe for a single minute that their quest for power has anything to do with us wananchi or our interests. I refuse to be a pawn in their ego trips. The other candidates don’t stand a chance so why bother.

I’ve always been always believer in the idea that exercising your democratic right through the ballot gives you a stake in commenting on national politics. It allows you to question your leaders. If you don’t vote, shut up. But I’m at the point where in as much as I desire for this mess to end so that life for you and me can go back to normal, regardless of your tribe or political affiliation. I’m currently so fed up and indifferent. I believe we’re fucked both ways.

The fact that IEBC cannot be trusted to conduct a credible election is another factor.

It’s for these reasons that tomorrow I intend to exercise my democratic right to NOT vote. For those of you who will, do so in peace. To those who won’t, I hope those voting will allow them to exercise that right. In the end, we still have to live and work together.

God bless Kenya.