I think it’s fairly obvious to anyone who’s read my blog over the last 6 years that I despise modern day feminists, and lately some people (men included) who refer to themselves as activists. I find them utterly disgusting, full of double standards and empty noise. This is quite ironic since I was raised by a feminist. See, back in their day, she and others like Martha Karua, Wangari Maathai et al actually had a cause that they were passionate about. They didn’t just make noise aimlessly, they pressed the policy makers and fought the regime of the day until the change that they desired was achieved. And when that happened, they moved on to becoming policy makers themselves.

Growing up as a young boy seeing all this, reading their materials, asking lots of questions, sometimes sitting quietly in the corner during their meetings, witnessing their struggles, being involved to some extent, I got to not only understand what feminism was all about, but its importance in Kenyan society based on the changes that they aimed to achieve. I also understood what activism is, and why it is necessary. So believe me when I say that I understand, respect and actually support what the feminist movement is about. Or rather, what it was about.

Nowadays it seems that calling oneself a “feminist” or an “activist” is the coolest tag in town, especially among chics in their early to mid 20s. The funny thing is that it’s very difficult to see what they’re “activating” about. Just because you have an opinion, a computer/iPad/smartphone, an internet connection and the ability to shit on everyone’s parade all day, every day doesn’t make you an activist. It makes you a nuisance. Especially when you have nothing in particular that you’re passionate about, and you spend your days behind a keyboard “advocating” kicking up a fuss about every single little thing and somehow hoping to be appointed a UN Goodwill Ambassador someday, oh come on now? Such individuals are solely responsible for the bastardization of the meaning of feminism and activism. (Some chap actually had the nerve to suggest that Al Shabaab should attack MPs and other economic criminals instead of ordinary wananchi. What the hell??)

Many latter day feminists/activists only fight for equality when it benefits them, and they ignore discrimination when it doesn’t help them. Case in point, over the past week there has been massive furore online following the Zainab/DKB incident in Big Brother Africa. Yet one wonders where some of these feminists were when Pangapuff Girls were going all Njeri Springer on Everyone Hates Karis in central Kenya recently. I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason why they were so silent was because they believed that the victims had it coming. Double standards much?

That’s not to say that there are no activists out there who are doing good things. One can only watch in sheer admiration at the kind of work that the likes of Ory Okolloh (aka @kenyanpundit), Paula Kahumbu, Alice Mwongera, Casey Adisa Marenge among many others are doing in various fields. Watch and learn from them on how not to stamp on everyone’s toes just to get your point across.

Back to the noisemakers. It would be a huge compliment to call them slacktivists. But I think the term Faptivists is more fitting, coz they remind me of this chap.


After you’re done airing your anger, bitterness, personal insecurities, daddy issues and literally repelling everyone from yourself in the name of “activism”, the only thing left to do is go home and hola at good old Bob (Battery Operated Boyfriend).

The next time I meet a dreadlocked chic in her 20s who introduces herself as a feminist or an activist for some bullshit cause, watch me spit out in disgust and walk away. I really don’t give two shits about your cause and truth be told, neither does anyone else. Get yourself a real job!

*Let’s see who’ll be the first to label me a chauvinist*


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