Today marks 4 years since I started this blog. Well, there’s really not much to say this time round, coz as the years go by, I blog less and less. But there are still a few noteworthy things that have happened over the past year.

1. That Makmende post.

This was a case of being at the right place at the right time. This post stands out as having had the most number of hits on this blog ever! As of now, the stats stand at 16,380 hits for the post alone and over 183,400 hits overall. (such stats give me a hard on)

2. Imitation – The best form of flattery.

Remember how this post was plagiarized on Mashada, other blogs and email? Well, a few other cases have been noted in the recent past, done rather shamelessly by the mainstream media.

There was this post done by the Daily Nation, though I contacted the writer, who admitted that he got the article off Facebook and didn’t know that it was originally done here. He eventually put up the link on the online article. Honourable chap.

Doesn’t this article in The Standard bear more than just a passing similarity with this post? The writer should have at least been a little more tactful!

Doesn’t this article in the Business Daily contain material from this post? Where’s the accreditation?

Yet, just this week, some media personalities have been busy beefing on Twitter about plagiarism, yet their own media houses are notorious offenders! Talk of the kettle calling the pot black!

3. Some of my favourite posts from the past year

(i) I slapped some bitches

(ii) I got hit on by some gay men

(iii) I made friends with some watchies

(iv) I got into shit for doing what I thought was the right thing

(v) I got dumped for being from the wrong tribe.

I have to give a shoutout to some of my favourite Kenyan blogs that have come up during the past year. When you’re not wasting time here, perhaps you should do so there!


Diasporadical – brilliant group of writers doing their thing over there.

Our Kid

So what’s next for Archer?

I’ve received several emails from readers who would like to use this blog as a platform to market their events. I’ve also been toying with the idea of branching into writing about visual art, music and anything else that I think deserves a shoutout on this blog. If you have any ideas or requests, do kindly drop me a line on and I’ll see what we can do about that.

I’d like to thank you all for reading, even when there’s rarely anything new to read! I’ll try to improve on that. Here’s to another year.



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