May 2009

This blog is 3 years old today! My gosh, where does time go?

I don’t have much to say about what’s been going on over the last year, I trust that you’ve been reading. For today’s post, I’ve gone through my archives and picked out some of my favourite posts. (Hopefully this should keep you busy for the next week!)


Archer’s 1st blogversary – Excitement.

Archer’s 2nd blogversary – a bit of disillusionment.

CFA Rules of Engagement – It’s interesting how this post keeps slapping me in the face every so often due to its relevance

Think Pink? Hell naw! – now you all know why I hate pink

A college student’s diet – memories are made of these!

A taste of your own medicine – sometimes I amaze amuse myself.

Fire drills and Pagets – Cheruiyot cracked me up in high school!

Of bathtubs and jualas – It’s such a hustle buying rubber!

Mawuoiiiiiyes Balaa! – My first and last ever Sheng post.

How to get rid of an Unflushable – seems to be a readers’ favourite

A WTF situation – Be careful about how you dispose of your rubber

How to deal with a stupid cop – this was one hilarious experience!

Bar Conversations…Part 2 – This has got to be the most read post in this blog, it was heavily plagiarized on email and on Mashada as well.

Let’s style up tafadhali – I still have mad beef with people who switch to mother tongue mid-conversation in total disregard of everyone around them.

Just keep the seat – I don’t know why I tend to attract weird women

You know you Need a new local when…

What I love and hate about driving in Nairobi, including that ugly Toyota Duet

Mtupa mbao hasaidiki! I have a friend with seriously horrible taste in women. And he’s in town.

I still hate hosting bashes

Why are we so homophobic? – I still think Kenyan guys ought to loosen up a bit.

I really don’t get it! – My ex, so beautiful yet so stupid.

What ill wind blew you into town? – It’s a good thing Obadiah has kept his distance from me.

Let’s cook, with Archer – I pretend to cook sometimes

I would like to thank everyone who reads this blog. Keep reading!

What’s on my Playlist?

Stan – Gashungwa

Tom Henning OvreboWanker extraordinaire!

Wanker extraordinaire!

Nuff sed.