I’ve been airing my 5 bob opinions on this blog for three years now. During those three years, I’ve written a few controversial posts which some readers disagreed with, and they challenged my views on those issues. The one thing that I admired about the Kenyan blog scene that encouraged me to start a blog was the maturity with which people argued. Everyone knows that there have been incidents where bloggers have clashed on principle, but even at the ugliest, I can hardly recall ever seeing people insulting each other in unsavory terms. That was something that was left to other online Kenyan forums where moderation was an unheard of concept.

During these three years, I have never moderated a single comment on any post simply because the reader took offence with something that I wrote. In fact, the only time I ever moderated a comment was two months ago, and I was courteous enough to email the reader to inform him as to why I moderated his comment. Said reader understood my reasons and now he still comments on my blog.

I do not restrict my readers from airing their opposing views to anything that I’ve written. I love healthy debate. There are two sides to every debate and one loses out sometimes. I’ve been called out a couple of times and I was man enough to admit that I was wrong, and I pulled down the offending material and offered a public apology to those who felt offended by my posts.

My last post on the finale of The Presenter on KTN elicited quite a bit of interest. This is evident through the number of hits it has received, which is off the charts. It also elicited several negative comments, a couple of which I approved and insulted the commenters (they caught me in a foul mood on that day). There are a few other comments which I chose not to approve, and they’re still in moderation. They contained very foul insults, threats and just a hint of logic which I would have taken seriously had the readers not been as uncouth as they were.

If only the individuals concerned would do a simple google search using the key words “KTN The Presenter” they would come across a number of other blogs, articles and online forums which more or less echo my views about how the finale was messed up in so many ways.

People need to realize that no one forces them to read the blogs that they do. If you don’t like what you find here, or if you feel that this blog is a heap of rubbish, then common sense dictates that you stop wasting your precious time and find something more productive to do with it! If you enjoy wasting your time here and you don’t agree with something that I wrote, feel free to email me (my email address is available on the Contacts page at the top right hand corner of this blog) and let me know what your beef is. If you air your views in a civil manner, stating what exactly you took offence with, and you convince me adequately that I was wrong, then I see no reason not to withdraw the offending remarks and offer an apology. That’s the way civilized people behave.

To those two or three individuals who think they can tisha me with threats of “I know who you are, I’ll find you and f**k you up…” I’d like you to know that you don’t move me one bit. All I can do is laugh at your foolishness. I’ll say a little prayer for you tonight so that you may be blessed with the extra brain cells that you were not adequately equipped with at birth.

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