(This post is so overdue that it’s been overtaken by events)

Loserpool 2

We may not have won the trophy five times in Istanbul,
But we’re proud that we’ve got the chance to win it on May 21st in Moscow.

We may not have made it to the final (how many?) times
But we’re proud that we’ve made it just this once.

We may not have an experienced European manager,
But we’re proud of our “Toady” Avram Grant.

We may not have the so-called “12th man”
But we sure made do with John Arne Riise!!

We may not be building a brand new multi million-dollar 60,000 seater stadium,
But we’re extremely proud of our little fortress, Stamford Bridge.

We may (apparently) suck, we may also (apparently) be a substandard team (according to one misguided dungheap)
But unlike Loserpool, we compete on all fronts every season, consistently, and this won’t be our second (or is it third) season sans silverware.

We may not have “pedigree” “passion” “panache” and a non-existent mythical bird on our chests
But we have patience, faith, courage and a lion on our chests!

It’s better to live on hope than to survive on memories.

Last night was one of the happiest nights of my life, we FINALLY made it to the Champions League final!!! Even if we don’t win it on 21st (though I have every confidence that my boys will be more than a match for Man United) I’ll be glad that we at least made it there. The recent resurgence of Chelsea FC over the recent past has been nothing short of astounding and if only they’d played this well during the entire season, we’d have wrapped up the Premiership already. But we’re in the running, and I hope we pull it off.

I’m not really bothered about the Premier League coz Man United have a vastly superior goal difference, so it would take a miraculous perforrmance by Wigan this weekend to deny them the trophy. And Bolton won’t be easy for us either.

I’m even beginning to change my opinion of Avram Grant! I think he’s proved himself. Although I’d rather have Frank Rijkaard as manager next season.

Off to Moscow to hammer Man United and paint Red Square BLUE!!!

What’s on my playlist?

Aerodynamic – Daft Punk