Amnesty International demos

Yesterday was Amnesty International’s International “Day of public and online action to demonstrate solidarity with the people of Kenya and to call upon the Kenyan government to protect people from politically motivated and ethnic violence.” Several peaceful demonstrations were scheduled to kick off in various cities around the world. (Did they? I haven’t seen today’s papers so I don’t know) Over the past couple of months, we’ve also seen Kenyans in the diaspora hold peaceful demonstrations in Pretoria, London and elsewhere. This is commendable.

The A.I demos haven’t received much media attention (that’s if they took place) What I’m wondering is, there’s a large number of Kenyans who are rather indifferent to the chaos that has taken centre stage over the last couple of months. Some are trying to wish it away, doing nothing about it and trying to live their lives in as normal a way as they possibly can.

Is it really fair for us to leave other people to fight our battles as we sit back and do nothing? Are we doing enough about this cri as ordinary wananchi within Kenya?

Why am I not surprised?

Many people ask me why I came to hate South Africa so much, and why I’d never ever go back (most of the time my response is either “it’s a long story” or “it’s complicated” – I just don’t want to have to talk about the same thing over and over again, so I’d rather not talk about it at all) After being a victim of racism in SA, it’s incidents such as these that really piss me off. Very few people will admit that racism is indeed alive and kicking, and many incidents of racism or unfair treatment never make it to the media (local or international) I guess no one wants to destroy the perception of a “rainbow nation”. I’m sure this is only one incident, the rest are carefully swept under the carpet.


The Apprentice Africa 2008

The Apprentice Africa kicks off tonight (somewhere) in Nigeria, and will be screened on KTN starting 8:00pm tonight. We have a Kenyan participant in The Apprentice Africa, Joyce Mbaya (who is a friend of mine) and just the fact that she has been selected for The Apprentice Africa shows that she’s a high achiever.

Please show your support for this brilliant lady. A Facebook support group has been set up, if you’re on Facebook, search for “The Apprentice Africa ’08 – The Joyce Mbaya (Joyo) Movement” and send in your messages of support.

I have no doubt that Joyo is more than up to the task, and I hope she does walk away with the job (with a $200,000 annual salary) and the luxury car at the end. I know she can.

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