Sawasawa, I’ve paid the bloody bill ya stima!! Put the candles away!! I didn’t ilke the dark theme anyway.

I see it’s tagging season once again. Unfortunately, this time I’m not going to play ball, I’m going to change things a bit. See, we’ve done the same “6 facts about yourself” tag thrice already since 2006. Why should we keep having the same tag every other year? (I bet we’ll still do this next year) I think after guys have finished with it and passed it on, it circulates in some other part of the world and somehow makes its comeback to these parts every few months.

First, let me tag some bloggers who are yet to be tagged.


Link to the person that tagged you

Post the rules on your blog

Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself

Tag five people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs

Let each random person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs



I hereby tag the following:

Zack – coz you’ve never been tagged before.

Kenyanchick– you almost bit my head off last time I didn’t tag you, so here you go!

Kenyanmusings – ati ulienda wapi? Nonsense! Fanya tag!

Kelitu – Shimba Hills’ Finest, hebu fanya vivi hivi upesi upesi!

Milo – Mr. Unmentionables, I don’t care if you’re in semi-retirement. Please do the needful.

Ciiku – spreading the love tu.

Pilato – I don’t think you’ve been tagged yet!

Kip – and neither have your makendes!!

Phassie – it’s about time you updated your blog, so you can start with this!

Instead of doing the tag, I’ve decided to do an “Ask Archer” post. Readers are therefore invited to ask me anything that you’d like to know about me (or anything else in general) Sort of like the “Ask M” (part 1 & part 2) series a couple of years ago. You may ask your questions in the comments section of this post (although I’ll close the comments page on Friday 29th Feb 2008 at midnight lest I be bombarded with 2000 questions!)

After that, I’ll write up a post with my answers to the questions.

Only one rule though, let’s keep the questions at two per person, ok? Otherwise I might not be able to answer them all.

Ok then, let’s get started! This should be interesting!

In other news, Aegeus has decided to retire from the blogging scene. Wish you the best in your future ventures, my friend.

What’s on my Playlist?

The last time – Gnarls Barkley