Is it just me or is local news on TV an interesting mix of information and entertainment? I think these guys must really enjoy their work. There are several times I’ve had quite a laugh just from watching the news. Try it some time, just watch NTV news at 9pm especially when Tom Mboya is on air, you’re bound to have quite a laugh.

Last night, while doing the business news, Mboya suddenly burst into laughter for no apparent reason (or so I thought) then there followed a clip of Toyota East Africa launching the new Toyota Corolla model in Kenya. The MD of Toyota EA was there to explain how the company has failed to meet it’s short term goals coz of the post election violence blah blah fishcake….then his name appeared on the screen, and I too burst into laughter. Actually I laughed so hard that I fell off the sofa.

You see, the MD’s name, and I sh*t you not (pun not intended) is Tomonori Unahara! Yes, you read correctly, anaitwa Mr Unahara. It brought to mind some of those silly jokes about Japanese names, I’m sure you’ve all heard the ones about Kanagawa K*mamoto (there are some Nissans and Toyotas on Kenyan roads with “K*mamoto” stickers on the rear end, is that where they’re manufactured?) Tokauchi Nikashuta etc.

I know it’s not supposed to be a laughing matter, but I couldn’t help it! For real, if you were to be introduced to Mr. Unahara, what would be your first reaction?? If you worked at Toyota EA and you had to see the MD regularly, how would you do that while keeping a straight face and maintaining a sense of professionalism? Does he know what the direct kiswahili translation of his name is? Why don’t Japanese folks have three names like Africans do, so that if one of the names may be considered offensive in some places, or could result in unnecessary embarrassment, they could just use the other two?


Anyway, Mboya managed to compose himself, but he wasn’t about to let that incident slide just yet.


so there you’ve heard it from the MD of Toyota EA, Mr. Tomonori UNAHARA!! Over to Sophie for the financial report…


Last week (I think it was Thursday 14th – Valentines Day) the comely Esther Arunga was doing the business news on KTN (usually, that’s the highlight of the news for me) on the main desk was the “power duo” of Njoroge Mwaura & Beatrice Marshall. You know the way they sometimes engage in small talk while introducing an anchor or after the anchor is done? So, Esther was done with the biz news, and NM asked her about how the post election violence has affected flower production, she blabbered on and on about how lovers weren’t able to buy flowers for their significant others (I think she forgot it was supposed to be small talk) so NM literally kicked her off the set, cutting her off mid speech…



Yeeeeees thank you Esther, I think we’ve seen enough of you for one day, let’s switch to international news…


leaving her royal flyness looking like a deer caught in the lights. I thought that was quite hilarious. She wasn’t smiling with anyone the next evening.

The same night, Waweru Njoroge & Janet Kanini were presenting the news on NTV and Chico Lawi (me thinks this guy is a joker kabisa) came onto the set with a red rose for Janet, thus making her blush unashamedly and WN wondering WTF was going on.

The news just isn’t what it used to be. These guys have too much fun!






KFF (Kenya Football Federation) never cease to disappoint. Their non payment of the necassary dues has caused FIFA to ban Kenya from all international & intercontinental matches. At this rate, I think the acronym KFF should be changed (as some comedians from In Truu Kalas have previously suggested) to Kuchesa Fichinga Fichinga!

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