I’m still on the hunt for a new phone after being (violently) dispossessed of my Nokia 6600 some months ago. I’m not one of those guys who buy gadgets simply because they’re cool, or that they’re in fashion, or that they’re flashy. Otherwise I’d already have got myself one of them fancy super slim Samsung phones, but they’re so difficult to use! Just try typing an SMS with any Samsung phone and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Nokias on the other hand are by far the most user friendly phones out there. One can easily upgrade from a basic Nokia 1110i to a top end model, say an N95 and still be able to navigate his way with relative ease. I’ve had five Nokias before, so it’s only natural that my next phone should be a Nokia.

Nokia N70

Photo from http://www.softpedia.com

I really wanted to get the Nokia N70 (above), because it meets the basic requirements of what I need in a phone. It looks quite good too. However, it’s a 2005 model and has already been replaced by newer models, hence negating the purpose of buying one since it will soon be technologically outdated (although they’re currently selling for about Ksh 16k, which is pretty good. The N70 “Music Edition” is selling for about Ksh 22k)


 Nokia N80

Photo from http://www.lifestyle.hexus.net/content/item?php?item=6614

I’ve been comparing the features of the Nokia N80 (above) with that of the Nokia E61i. The N80 is marvelous, it’s way better than the N70, but the only reason why I wouldn’t buy one is because flip and slide phones cannot handle constant use and the flip and slide mechanisms usually develop serious problems within a year or so.

Therefore the phone that’s best suited for my needs is the Nokia E61i. Every time I shut my eyes (on the rare occasions that it does happen) this is all I see:

Nokia E61i

Photo from GSM Arena www.gsmarena.com

I’ve done my research and I’m in love with this phone! 2Megapixel camera, huge 16 million colour screen that doesn’t require a stylus (I dislike touch screen phones – complications za bure), QWERTY keypad, Wi Fi, 3G, MP3 player, runs on the Symbian 60 platform and therefore it can accept a wide range of third party applications, it’s pretty light in weight despite its size. Every Girl’s Man (EGM) has one (lucky chap!) and I’ve played around with it a couple of times, so I’ve had first hand experience of how good the phone is.

UNFORTUNATELY, this gadget costs Ksh 34,000 which is an obscene amount of money to pay for a tiny gadget that could so easily be stolen, or damaged irreparably should I accidentally hit the screen against the edge of a table while in my pocket. (ask M, he knows the feeling. Pole boss) Does anyone know where I could buy a brand new one (in the original box!) for less than 27k?  Not that there’s much difference, but a nice 20 something figure would make more sense (psychologically)

*Note: E61i and not E61. It’s just a little “i” but it makes a very, very big difference.*

I wouldn’t mind a black, limited edition Titanium version, comme ca:

Nokia E61i

Pic from www.e-series.org


Is this heaven or what!

Rows of E61i phones

Pic from  http://www.e-series.org/archives/427

Yes those are rows upon rows of brand new E61i’s.

However, buying an E61i is dependent on whether I get a laptop at the end of this month, coz it wouldn’t make much sense to have both (plus I already have a desktop) so if I do get the laptop, I will settle for the N70. If I don’t get the laptop, then E61i it is!

What’s on my playlist?

Viva la white girl – Gym Class Heroes

It’s interesting how GCH could record a track that’s so obviously about cocaine, and then claim that the coke is a metaphor for the addictive nature of music!! I had this debate with a friend a few nights ago, we had opposing views and therefore I decided to look it up on the internet. I insist that there’s no way this song could not be about coke!! Does anyone think otherwise?