It will be a gross misnomer to term my love life over the last couple of months as disastrous. Non-existent is more like it. Well, there have been the few interests here and there, but all amounted to nought. It’s been a series of disappointments to the extent that I stopped giving a hoot altogether, after all, it’s cheaper, less hectic, less stressful and less dramatic being single!

A couple of weeks ago after a particularly disappointing encounter with one gorgeous young damsel from the coast, my pals who knew how frustrated I was when that prospect didn’t work out, decided to take matters into their own hands and set me up on a blind date with a friend of theirs. Who the hell do they take me to be, Bryjoe? (Sorry luv, I had to get you back for calling me thate samdhing)

The problem with us youngsters is that we look for partners in all the wrong places. One can’t in any honesty, meet a dude or a chic in dimly lit rave joints and expect them to be angels. On the hanye, everyone’s out to have a good time with anyone who’s down for the same agenda. So when a chic is clinging to your side coz you’re throwing pints, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s feeling your vibe. And that’s the very mistake that I’ve been making over the past couple of months, meeting people in all the wrong places. Perhaps I should also join the “Ponyoka na Fresher” promotion on campus.

I’ve never been on a blind date, and I’m not one to set myself up with such. I’ve always pictured blind dates to be like dating agencies and lonely hearts columns, a means for those who are unable to find a partner using conventional methods, and is therefore an obvious way of stating “I’m single and desperate for love and I’ll settle for anyone who smiles at me, that means you!”

When they first suggested it, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about the idea but I promised to give it some thought (in other words, I was going to search for the best way to tell them no thanks) And I had good excuses too. I have a series of tests and assignments due this week so I decided to stay home over the weekend and study. (more like detox after two full months of, as Jimmy alias Xs would call “building the nation” Is EABL the only company in Kenya that has suffered little from the post election skirmishes? I’m convinced that it will take nothing short of a nuclear attack in Ruaraka to keep Kenyans away from their alcohol)

Anyway, my pals are still pushing me to do this, after all, it is the week of love (utter bullsh*t if you ask me) so the question is, should I or shouldn’t I?

I’m not into the whole Valentines cliché of spending lots of money on our fancied ones in the name of showing them how much we love them. Therefore, I suggest that in these troubled times in our beloved nation, that we spread the love this Valentines. Do something nice to someone who needs some love. Instead of buying expensive gifts for your ka-thweetie, why not (agree to) donate that money to the Red Cross or to any other organizations that are working with IDPs (I’m slowly beginning to hate this term) why not go out and donate blood, or contribute generously to the Jaza Lorry initiative?


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