February 2008

Amnesty International demos

Yesterday was Amnesty International’s International “Day of public and online action to demonstrate solidarity with the people of Kenya and to call upon the Kenyan government to protect people from politically motivated and ethnic violence.” Several peaceful demonstrations were scheduled to kick off in various cities around the world. (Did they? I haven’t seen today’s papers so I don’t know) Over the past couple of months, we’ve also seen Kenyans in the diaspora hold peaceful demonstrations in Pretoria, London and elsewhere. This is commendable.

The A.I demos haven’t received much media attention (that’s if they took place) What I’m wondering is, there’s a large number of Kenyans who are rather indifferent to the chaos that has taken centre stage over the last couple of months. Some are trying to wish it away, doing nothing about it and trying to live their lives in as normal a way as they possibly can.

Is it really fair for us to leave other people to fight our battles as we sit back and do nothing? Are we doing enough about this cri as ordinary wananchi within Kenya?

Why am I not surprised?

Many people ask me why I came to hate South Africa so much, and why I’d never ever go back (most of the time my response is either “it’s a long story” or “it’s complicated” – I just don’t want to have to talk about the same thing over and over again, so I’d rather not talk about it at all) After being a victim of racism in SA, it’s incidents such as these that really piss me off. Very few people will admit that racism is indeed alive and kicking, and many incidents of racism or unfair treatment never make it to the media (local or international) I guess no one wants to destroy the perception of a “rainbow nation”. I’m sure this is only one incident, the rest are carefully swept under the carpet.


The Apprentice Africa 2008

The Apprentice Africa kicks off tonight (somewhere) in Nigeria, and will be screened on KTN starting 8:00pm tonight. We have a Kenyan participant in The Apprentice Africa, Joyce Mbaya (who is a friend of mine) and just the fact that she has been selected for The Apprentice Africa shows that she’s a high achiever.

Please show your support for this brilliant lady. A Facebook support group has been set up, if you’re on Facebook, search for “The Apprentice Africa ’08 – The Joyce Mbaya (Joyo) Movement” and send in your messages of support.

I have no doubt that Joyo is more than up to the task, and I hope she does walk away with the job (with a $200,000 annual salary) and the luxury car at the end. I know she can.

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Sawasawa, I’ve paid the bloody bill ya stima!! Put the candles away!! I didn’t ilke the dark theme anyway.

I see it’s tagging season once again. Unfortunately, this time I’m not going to play ball, I’m going to change things a bit. See, we’ve done the same “6 facts about yourself” tag thrice already since 2006. Why should we keep having the same tag every other year? (I bet we’ll still do this next year) I think after guys have finished with it and passed it on, it circulates in some other part of the world and somehow makes its comeback to these parts every few months.

First, let me tag some bloggers who are yet to be tagged.


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I hereby tag the following:

Zack – coz you’ve never been tagged before.

Kenyanchick– you almost bit my head off last time I didn’t tag you, so here you go!

Kenyanmusings – ati ulienda wapi? Nonsense! Fanya tag!

Kelitu – Shimba Hills’ Finest, hebu fanya vivi hivi upesi upesi!

Milo – Mr. Unmentionables, I don’t care if you’re in semi-retirement. Please do the needful.

Ciiku – spreading the love tu.

Pilato – I don’t think you’ve been tagged yet!

Kip – and neither have your makendes!!

Phassie – it’s about time you updated your blog, so you can start with this!

Instead of doing the tag, I’ve decided to do an “Ask Archer” post. Readers are therefore invited to ask me anything that you’d like to know about me (or anything else in general) Sort of like the “Ask M” (part 1 & part 2) series a couple of years ago. You may ask your questions in the comments section of this post (although I’ll close the comments page on Friday 29th Feb 2008 at midnight lest I be bombarded with 2000 questions!)

After that, I’ll write up a post with my answers to the questions.

Only one rule though, let’s keep the questions at two per person, ok? Otherwise I might not be able to answer them all.

Ok then, let’s get started! This should be interesting!

In other news, Aegeus has decided to retire from the blogging scene. Wish you the best in your future ventures, my friend.

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Is it just me or is local news on TV an interesting mix of information and entertainment? I think these guys must really enjoy their work. There are several times I’ve had quite a laugh just from watching the news. Try it some time, just watch NTV news at 9pm especially when Tom Mboya is on air, you’re bound to have quite a laugh.

Last night, while doing the business news, Mboya suddenly burst into laughter for no apparent reason (or so I thought) then there followed a clip of Toyota East Africa launching the new Toyota Corolla model in Kenya. The MD of Toyota EA was there to explain how the company has failed to meet it’s short term goals coz of the post election violence blah blah fishcake….then his name appeared on the screen, and I too burst into laughter. Actually I laughed so hard that I fell off the sofa.

You see, the MD’s name, and I sh*t you not (pun not intended) is Tomonori Unahara! Yes, you read correctly, anaitwa Mr Unahara. It brought to mind some of those silly jokes about Japanese names, I’m sure you’ve all heard the ones about Kanagawa K*mamoto (there are some Nissans and Toyotas on Kenyan roads with “K*mamoto” stickers on the rear end, is that where they’re manufactured?) Tokauchi Nikashuta etc.

I know it’s not supposed to be a laughing matter, but I couldn’t help it! For real, if you were to be introduced to Mr. Unahara, what would be your first reaction?? If you worked at Toyota EA and you had to see the MD regularly, how would you do that while keeping a straight face and maintaining a sense of professionalism? Does he know what the direct kiswahili translation of his name is? Why don’t Japanese folks have three names like Africans do, so that if one of the names may be considered offensive in some places, or could result in unnecessary embarrassment, they could just use the other two?


Anyway, Mboya managed to compose himself, but he wasn’t about to let that incident slide just yet.


so there you’ve heard it from the MD of Toyota EA, Mr. Tomonori UNAHARA!! Over to Sophie for the financial report…


Last week (I think it was Thursday 14th – Valentines Day) the comely Esther Arunga was doing the business news on KTN (usually, that’s the highlight of the news for me) on the main desk was the “power duo” of Njoroge Mwaura & Beatrice Marshall. You know the way they sometimes engage in small talk while introducing an anchor or after the anchor is done? So, Esther was done with the biz news, and NM asked her about how the post election violence has affected flower production, she blabbered on and on about how lovers weren’t able to buy flowers for their significant others (I think she forgot it was supposed to be small talk) so NM literally kicked her off the set, cutting her off mid speech…



Yeeeeees thank you Esther, I think we’ve seen enough of you for one day, let’s switch to international news…


leaving her royal flyness looking like a deer caught in the lights. I thought that was quite hilarious. She wasn’t smiling with anyone the next evening.

The same night, Waweru Njoroge & Janet Kanini were presenting the news on NTV and Chico Lawi (me thinks this guy is a joker kabisa) came onto the set with a red rose for Janet, thus making her blush unashamedly and WN wondering WTF was going on.

The news just isn’t what it used to be. These guys have too much fun!






KFF (Kenya Football Federation) never cease to disappoint. Their non payment of the necassary dues has caused FIFA to ban Kenya from all international & intercontinental matches. At this rate, I think the acronym KFF should be changed (as some comedians from In Truu Kalas have previously suggested) to Kuchesa Fichinga Fichinga!

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Go go gadget gospel – Gnarls Barkley

I’m still on the hunt for a new phone after being (violently) dispossessed of my Nokia 6600 some months ago. I’m not one of those guys who buy gadgets simply because they’re cool, or that they’re in fashion, or that they’re flashy. Otherwise I’d already have got myself one of them fancy super slim Samsung phones, but they’re so difficult to use! Just try typing an SMS with any Samsung phone and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Nokias on the other hand are by far the most user friendly phones out there. One can easily upgrade from a basic Nokia 1110i to a top end model, say an N95 and still be able to navigate his way with relative ease. I’ve had five Nokias before, so it’s only natural that my next phone should be a Nokia.

Nokia N70

Photo from http://www.softpedia.com

I really wanted to get the Nokia N70 (above), because it meets the basic requirements of what I need in a phone. It looks quite good too. However, it’s a 2005 model and has already been replaced by newer models, hence negating the purpose of buying one since it will soon be technologically outdated (although they’re currently selling for about Ksh 16k, which is pretty good. The N70 “Music Edition” is selling for about Ksh 22k)


 Nokia N80

Photo from http://www.lifestyle.hexus.net/content/item?php?item=6614

I’ve been comparing the features of the Nokia N80 (above) with that of the Nokia E61i. The N80 is marvelous, it’s way better than the N70, but the only reason why I wouldn’t buy one is because flip and slide phones cannot handle constant use and the flip and slide mechanisms usually develop serious problems within a year or so.

Therefore the phone that’s best suited for my needs is the Nokia E61i. Every time I shut my eyes (on the rare occasions that it does happen) this is all I see:

Nokia E61i

Photo from GSM Arena www.gsmarena.com

I’ve done my research and I’m in love with this phone! 2Megapixel camera, huge 16 million colour screen that doesn’t require a stylus (I dislike touch screen phones – complications za bure), QWERTY keypad, Wi Fi, 3G, MP3 player, runs on the Symbian 60 platform and therefore it can accept a wide range of third party applications, it’s pretty light in weight despite its size. Every Girl’s Man (EGM) has one (lucky chap!) and I’ve played around with it a couple of times, so I’ve had first hand experience of how good the phone is.

UNFORTUNATELY, this gadget costs Ksh 34,000 which is an obscene amount of money to pay for a tiny gadget that could so easily be stolen, or damaged irreparably should I accidentally hit the screen against the edge of a table while in my pocket. (ask M, he knows the feeling. Pole boss) Does anyone know where I could buy a brand new one (in the original box!) for less than 27k?  Not that there’s much difference, but a nice 20 something figure would make more sense (psychologically)

*Note: E61i and not E61. It’s just a little “i” but it makes a very, very big difference.*

I wouldn’t mind a black, limited edition Titanium version, comme ca:

Nokia E61i

Pic from www.e-series.org


Is this heaven or what!

Rows of E61i phones

Pic from  http://www.e-series.org/archives/427

Yes those are rows upon rows of brand new E61i’s.

However, buying an E61i is dependent on whether I get a laptop at the end of this month, coz it wouldn’t make much sense to have both (plus I already have a desktop) so if I do get the laptop, I will settle for the N70. If I don’t get the laptop, then E61i it is!

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Viva la white girl – Gym Class Heroes

It’s interesting how GCH could record a track that’s so obviously about cocaine, and then claim that the coke is a metaphor for the addictive nature of music!! I had this debate with a friend a few nights ago, we had opposing views and therefore I decided to look it up on the internet. I insist that there’s no way this song could not be about coke!! Does anyone think otherwise?



It will be a gross misnomer to term my love life over the last couple of months as disastrous. Non-existent is more like it. Well, there have been the few interests here and there, but all amounted to nought. It’s been a series of disappointments to the extent that I stopped giving a hoot altogether, after all, it’s cheaper, less hectic, less stressful and less dramatic being single!

A couple of weeks ago after a particularly disappointing encounter with one gorgeous young damsel from the coast, my pals who knew how frustrated I was when that prospect didn’t work out, decided to take matters into their own hands and set me up on a blind date with a friend of theirs. Who the hell do they take me to be, Bryjoe? (Sorry luv, I had to get you back for calling me thate samdhing)

The problem with us youngsters is that we look for partners in all the wrong places. One can’t in any honesty, meet a dude or a chic in dimly lit rave joints and expect them to be angels. On the hanye, everyone’s out to have a good time with anyone who’s down for the same agenda. So when a chic is clinging to your side coz you’re throwing pints, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s feeling your vibe. And that’s the very mistake that I’ve been making over the past couple of months, meeting people in all the wrong places. Perhaps I should also join the “Ponyoka na Fresher” promotion on campus.

I’ve never been on a blind date, and I’m not one to set myself up with such. I’ve always pictured blind dates to be like dating agencies and lonely hearts columns, a means for those who are unable to find a partner using conventional methods, and is therefore an obvious way of stating “I’m single and desperate for love and I’ll settle for anyone who smiles at me, that means you!”

When they first suggested it, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about the idea but I promised to give it some thought (in other words, I was going to search for the best way to tell them no thanks) And I had good excuses too. I have a series of tests and assignments due this week so I decided to stay home over the weekend and study. (more like detox after two full months of, as Jimmy alias Xs would call “building the nation” Is EABL the only company in Kenya that has suffered little from the post election skirmishes? I’m convinced that it will take nothing short of a nuclear attack in Ruaraka to keep Kenyans away from their alcohol)

Anyway, my pals are still pushing me to do this, after all, it is the week of love (utter bullsh*t if you ask me) so the question is, should I or shouldn’t I?

I’m not into the whole Valentines cliché of spending lots of money on our fancied ones in the name of showing them how much we love them. Therefore, I suggest that in these troubled times in our beloved nation, that we spread the love this Valentines. Do something nice to someone who needs some love. Instead of buying expensive gifts for your ka-thweetie, why not (agree to) donate that money to the Red Cross or to any other organizations that are working with IDPs (I’m slowly beginning to hate this term) why not go out and donate blood, or contribute generously to the Jaza Lorry initiative?


Fokojembes of the week

Senegal, Chelsea d’Ivoire, Cameroon

Mlienda Ghana kufanya site seeing ama mlienda kucheza mpira?


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