OK I admit, this is just an excuse to write something up in here. (I don’t know if this qualifies as a post) does it?

I got this idea from Udi’s blog, so I decided to check out my blog rating on this ka website over here.

So this is what it has to say about my blog.

Archer - PG 13

That’s coz it contained “sex” (2x) and “porn” (1x)

For real? My blog is rated PG-13? I guess that’s cool, no?

But then, this is where it gets hilarious, apparently Milo’s blog has a “General Audienced – All Ages Admitted” rating. (WHAT?! LMAO x 1000!!!! In that case, Milo si you start a children’s bedtime stories series?)

Milo - General Audiences

whereas EGM’s got a PG rating!!

EGM - Parental Guidance advised

Mwehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!Apparently it contains an unhealthy amount of “kill (3x)” and “steal  (1x)” (add “destroy” and you’d have been the Anti-Christ himself!!)

This rating is so flawed, kwani was it conducted by the ODM Elections Board?

(Jimmy, don’t bother checking. My monitor lipukad when I searched for yours, it must be PG 35 or somewhere there)


In other news making headlines

Now we know why the England national team are so utterly useless, if them idiots spent half as much time training than screwing loose random mamas in nightclubs, perhaps they would have qualified for Euro 2008!! (Unfortunately, I happen to own a #8 LAMPARD jersey which I can’t seem to get rid of. It was a gift from my ex, and last year when Lamps missed a penalty for England during the world Cup, I ripped it off and threw it to the floor, but somehow the stupid jersey found its way back home the next day. Pubs in Jo’ burg are quite interesting)


What’s on my playlist?

Skyy, can you feel me? – Raphael Saadiq

Doesn’t this track have one of the most beautiful instrumentals ever? I love it love it love it!! (Kipepeo ’06) unfortunately the MP3 track refused to upload, so hopefully I’ll get that done tomorrow then y’all can get to sample the track.

End of technical appearance. Be good peoples!!