The 2007 Formula 1 season comes to a close on Sunday with the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos. And what a close battle this has turned out to be. There’s McLaren Mercedes’ blue eyed boy wonder Lewis Hamilton who seeks to be the first driver in history to be crowned world champion in his first season, as well as being the youngest driver to win the world title. Then there’s the black sheep of McLaren, Fernando Alonso. Alonso is the defending champion, plus he won the title the previous year. And then there’s Ferrari’s Kimi “I wish I had less vodka last night” Raikkonen alias “The Iceman”

The title can go in any of three directions since the points as they stand currently are:

1.      Lewis Hamilton      107 points

2.      Fernando Alonso     103 points

3.      Kimi Raikkonen       100 points

If you want to know just how close the battle is, refer to this article on BBC Sports.

I’m a McLaren fan through and through. But you’d be surprised to know that my favourite driver is actually Kimi Raikkonen and not one of our current drivers.

Kimi hits the bottle

Talk of hitting the bottle hard!

It’s unfortunate that his immense talent wasn’t fully utilized at McLaren since they’ve always battled with reliability issues, only to solve them after he’s already departed. However much I’d have loved to see Kimi be crowned world champion, not in the first year after he left McLaren for our rivals Ferrari.

I’ve said before that Fernando Alonso, as the defending world champion, is under the most pressure to defend his title. He has more to lose than Hamilton and Raikkonen.


Fernando Alonso

But after being implicated in the scandal that almost got McLaren kicked out of the championship this year, and considering the fact that he may be employed elsewhere next year, I’m not rooting for him. There’s no way he can ponyoka with the trophy and return to Renault while McLaren get nothing!!!!!

Which leaves Lewis Hamilton.


Lewis Haamilton

What can I say about Hamilton that hasn’t been said already? Almost completely unknown and totally under-rated at the beginning of the season, he has done everything right! Four wins, five runners-ups, Lewis embodies the future of Formula 1. There was always talk of who would replace Michael Schumacher as the biggest name in Formula 1, Lewis is well on his way there.

And I hope to see more of this on Sunday (with a big ass trophy at his feet)I’m praying for  the podium to look like this:  

  1. Lewis Hamilton
  2. Kimi Raikkonen
  3. Fernando Alonso

Hamilton celebrates

All in all, what a fantastic season this has been. Excellent drivers and fierce competition since no one driver dominated the entire season just like Schumi used to do. This is what Formula 1 should be, it shouldn’t be predictable from after the third race of the season.


Mr and Mrs Iceman

How does one of the most boring and lifeless individuals in the world end up with such a gorgeous woman? (Have you ever heard Kimi during the post match press conferences? Dude can send you to sleep at the very first sentence!! Piriton has nothing on him!!!!) Must be the money, eh?


A.O.B: four posts in one week? Jeez!

(Pictures courtesy of Yahoo Sport/Eurosport)


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