We came here to party/throw your hands up everybody/lets have a party going on/it’s a holiday!

I’ve just heard this track “Holiday” by Naughty by Nature for the first time in 7 years. If anyone can hook me up with the MP3, aki I’ll kiss your toes. I so love this track!

Chic, you’re hot. Haki ya nani. Of all the 30 something women that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing naked, you are by far the most gorgeous. But you’ve got such a low self esteem that you wouldn’t believe that any man would ever find you attractive. Any man would be honoured to have you. I’d marry you myself if only we didn’t have so much beef between us, but it pains me to see you selling yourself so cheap, whoring around like a cheap slut from Koinange Street. And that’s what you’ve become. A whore. It pains me. Really, it does. To see my first love reduce herself to this….

Get your life in check for fuck’s sake!