Ok just for the sake of making a technical appearance up in here, allow me to take you back, way back into the archives.

It’s interesting how, despite the fact that experience should have taught people a lesson or two, some people still go out and make the same mistakes and expect different results. Mind you, I’m not referring to myself in this scenario.

Convenient Fucking Strokes Arrangements aka CFA/CSA or otherwise known as Friends with benefits (FWB) arrangements have always been a very tricky, complicated and potentially messy affair. And always, the main questions remain:

1. Are there any rules to having a successful long term strokes arrangement?

2. If so, what are they?

3. Is there any such thing as a successful convenient strokes arrangement in the first place?

To understand where these questions arise from, refer to THIS post. 

And while you’re at it, just a random question. Is there any such thing as “accidental strokes?” Yaani zile za whoops…aki it slipped!! What have we just done? And now that you’ve had “accidental strokes” with someone you weren’t meant to, what happens next?


Big Brother Africa 2 is currently on, and I think it sucks that those of us bila DSTV have no clue as to what’s going on up in there! All I know is that the Kenyan housemate is some budaa masquerading as a 23 year old (yeah right!!) who ingiad the house loudly advertising his political affiliation with his orange outfit. And that he’ll very soon be boarding KQ 461 from Johannesburg to Nairobi. Otherwise hatuna habari. How comes this time round KTN isn’t showing the 30 minutes daily highlights? Mazee it’s not fair!!

What’s on my Playlist?

Jimmy – Boney M (album: More Gold)