Can’t a blogger enjoy his hiatus in peace? Now ati there’s yet another tag? Didn’t we have another one just the other day? Anyway I’ve been tagged by Big Orange so lemme be a sport and pay along. But I’ll follow the Half n Half & Klara format, wacha I bakisha some facts for next year’s seven facts tag!


1. Where is your cell phone…they’re both on the desk in front of me (I have two, but do I say?)

2. Relationship… about month old

3. Your hair…. definitely needs a shave

4. Work… what work?

5. Your sisters…. wish I had some! With my old lady’s looks they’d have been HOT!!! Then I’d have fun harassing prospective boyfriends!

6. Your favorite things…. Chelsea FC, Pilsner Ice (RIP) good sex, cars, food.

7. Your dream last night…believe me, you DON’T want to know!! Trust me.

8. Your favorite drink….PILSNER ICE!!! (R.I.P)

9. Your dream car….I have too many….here’s half of them. Others include: BMW 328i (dolphin shape) BMW Alpina B5, BMW Z4 M, Lexus IS300, Overfinch Range Rover, stretch Rolls Royce Phantom…

10. The room you’re in….crowded cybercafé, next to a chic chatting with some middle aged European dude on Skype, alafu the old geezer is dara dara-ing his tu chest hairs. GROSS!!! Kwani she thinks I can’t see or hear their vibe? Shameless!!

11. Your shoes…black Jordans

12. Your fears….failure, erectile dysfunction, small women

13. What do you want to be in 10 years…in the back seat of my own BMW 745Li

14. Who did you hang out with this weekend…my computer (had the flu)

15. What are you not good at…dancing (why won’t you guys believe me?

16. Muffins? Not really, I love other pastries though

17. Wish-list item…where do I start? Nokia N80.

18. Where you grew up…Nairobi

19. The last thing you did…bought a Ginger Ale

20. What are you wearing…polo shirt, jeans, ngotha, vest, viatu

21. What are you not wearing… eh?

22. Your favorite pet…SUNKULI!!

23. Your computer…has a virus. Speaking of which, anyone know how to remove “Sembako” manually?

24. Your life…is quite interesting sometimes

25. Your mood…can flip at any instant. Ask the kid I slapped at the stairs at 20th Century yesterday. Feelanga G Unit soldier…kubaff!!

26. Missing…a really, really, really good shag.

27. What are you thinking about… refer to #26

28. Your dream location… some place where I don’t have to hear about ODM-K and Narc-K.  A few palm trees, sun,  cocktails whose names I can’t pronounce, a gorgeous woman with an ample bottom…..

29. Your Ex… grew a kitambi after we broke up! Not pregnant, I mean, a really big sagging belly.

30. Your Favorite Item… er…my cellphone?

31. Your favorite colour….blue

32. Last time you laughed…this morning

33. Last time you cried… 31st July 2006, it was just 2 or 3 tears!

34. School… taking a break for a year

35. Love … is just but an illusion


Ok the next blogger who comes up with a “facts about yourself” tag during 2007, huyo tutam*&^%$@#($&#%&^%$&$&*&%$ but in the meantime, I’m tagging Tweety and Kafai. Tell us something about yourselves!

I’ve gone back to my hammock under the palm tree, I’ll be back in August.

What’s on my playlist?

Peep Show – Joe