I’ve just checked out the new Chelsea FC away kit for the 2007-2008 sesaon and I’m in SHOCK!!!

  Chelsea FC away kit 2007-2008

Well, perhaps I should be, seeing that they call this electricity yellow. Wacheni jokes bana! WTF is this? I’m a patriotic fan who buys all kits for the season but haki ya nani there’s no way I’m buying this one. You guys have clowned vi-excess!! So now what colour will the referees wear?

When the concept for the kit was discussed with the board and the players, the over riding theme was to develop a kit that matched the ambitions of the club”

Yaani you guys seriously discussed this? Ok…then what happened?

“Chelsea has a great tradition of wearing yellow and we wanted to push the barriers by introducing a new twist on the traditional shade. This is where electricity yellow came in!”

Oh yes we do but the previous kits were nowhere near this bad!

Chelsea FC 3rd kit 1999-2000

1999-2000 3rd kit….this was nice

Chelsea FC 3rd kit 2000-2001

and so was the 2000-2001 3rd kit…

Boy am I glad that I got my customized 2006-2007 away jersey before they phased it out!

Chelsea FC 2006-2007 away jersey

OK maybe the new kit isn’t sooooooo bad, ama what do you guys think?

 Super Drog, Captain Terrific & Bollocks

No, it IS bad!! This will definitely take a lot of getting used to.


We’ve always known Sports Minister and Starehe MP Maina Kamanda not to have completely evolved from a Zinjanthropus in terms of his mannerisms. He’s the guy who famously called Raila Odinga “kumanina” at a public rally some years ago. Anyone remember that incident?

I really don’t know what happened to him after he was appointed a minister, but whichever school he went to evolve closer to a homo sapiens, we need to send some other clowns there. These days Kamanda is actually a distinguished gentleman!

This past weekend, the ever abrasive Norman Nyagah, Government Chief Whip and soon to be the former member of Parliament for Kamukunji went on the assault against Kamanda, calling him all manner of unsavoury names while at a rally in Kamukunji (shortly before his own constituents booed him) and he challenged Kamanda to reply to those matusiz, and if he (Kamanda) did, Nyagah would have more abyooooozes in store!

I would be the last person to imagine that Kamanda would emerge from church the next morning preaching peace and maturity, and choosing not to get embroiled in a name calling war with Nyagah, thus making Nyagah appear like a complete idiot.

Poor Norman, wewe ndiye FOKOJEMBE wa wiki hii!!


Can’t ODM-K just disintegrate already? I’m sick and tired of having to watch/read/hear/ of their “crisis meetings” during every news bulletin from dawn to dusk. It’s obvious that no-one is willing to step down for the other, not with the millions that they’ve spent on marketing themselves.

If they’re this disorganized in choosing a presidential andidate, just imagine what kind of government they would form if (God forbid) they were to win this year’s elections. A very confused government that would be.  



Eh… that hiatus that I’ve been talking about, yes that one. I think it’s about time I took it.

I’ve lost blog mojo, these days it’s not easy for me to think up posts, certainly not as easy as it used to be. In other words, I’ve burnt out kiasi, therefore this is the last post that you’re likely to read from Archer for quite a while.

(at least I’m courteous enough to inform y’all in advance!) I’ll be back….. soon. Don’t ask how long coz I don’t know either! But this is not leave pending retirement, so I WILL definitely be back.

Behave yourselves!

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