First things first, both WordPress  has refused to upload some photos that I took last weekend, so you’ll find my latest post HERE on my old blog.

I’ve got a couple of questions that require the counsel of the wise, the thoughtful, the creative and the romantic.

1. You’ve found yourself in a situation where you can only do one of two things. One, proceed with caution. Two, retreat. It’s one of those situations where logic tells you “Boss, enyewe hapo siwezi kukusaidia!” and your guts tell you that even though the chances of succeeding are not exactly the best, it’s worth a try since you’re venturing into territory that you’ve never te before.

What to do, proceed with caution and risk failure, or retreat and spare yourself the embarrassment of failure?

I know that life isn’t worth living if one doesn’t take a risk every now and then, but is it worth taking a risk when you already know your chances of success are not that high?

2. (Unrelated to #1 above) Eh…. this is a hard one. I’m almost embarrassed to ask!How does one go about asking out a chile? I know it sounds funny but firstly, I’ve been out of the game for a very long time now. Secondly, the last time that I SUCCESSFULLY asked someone out was way back in 2002 (and we went out for three years after that) and I’ve got rejected every other time since!

So normally what I do is that I let things follow their natural progression, without making things official, and when asked “Are you guys going out?” I turn to the chile and let her answer that question! It spares me the embarrassment!

So let’s see the true romantics out there. I need creative (but private) ideas. I don’t do PDA so forget ideas of sijui singing and all that nonsense.

A free beer if your idea bags the woman!

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