If you haven’t noticed already, there’s a new header picture on the blog. Si I told y’all this blog is a work in progress? I came across the photo while trawling across the internet, along with a few others. When I tried them out, this was the only one whose colour didn’t clash with the overall colour scheme of the blog. I have no idea how a photo of an eye ingianas with the general theme and title of the blog, but me likes it none the less. It’s better than that ka tunnel that leads to sijui where….. Ama mnaonaje? 

So now I’ve got to come up with a name for Mr Halfaface. Any suggestions? He’s the new watchie up in the blog and he sees everything! So thugs and hackers (jackers, crackers, buckfutters, whatever) and any other pathetic miscreants up in my environs beware. And vile he’s got a ka mean look, you don’t want to find out what he’ll do with you when he catches you. (Maybe he’s a GSU for those guys back in the day) Can you see that silhouette of a crossbow in his eye? Utameza mshale bana! Don’t mess! 

Anyway, any suggestions for a name for my new friend? I’m open to any ideas coz all I can come up with is Bwana Jicho, but those initials….hehe! Wacha tu! 


In other news, I missed the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix yesterday!! Aaaaaaaaargh!! But at least my team McLaren Mercedes represented vilivyo with Fernando Alonso winning and Lewis Hamilton not so far behind. (Bankelele si you join us now before it’s too late!
Kwanza you did you watch the race?)

Now I know I really have to get DSTV coz the morons over at KTN and NTV do not consider Formula 1 to be newsworthy, yet the same idiots will show you highlights of the qualifying stages on Saturday’s sports news. PUMBAVU NYINYI!!
Kwanza I have just the thing for you…



KTN and NTV Sports teams:  

1. Robert Soi, Mike Okinyi, Bernard Oduor….nyinyi wote. 


Of music… 

Is there any better way to spend a Sunday evening than to tune into the Capital FM Jazz Club? (hosted by Jack Ojiambo and some others) I’m really developing a liking for Jazz even though the only Jazz artist that I know is Duke Ellington! Why?  

In 2005 we had this tired ass Macro-economics lecturer who would send an entire lecture  theatre of 300+ deep into slumberland.
Kwanza his lectures were in the afte…in summer when it’s kedo 30+ degrees outside, and it just happened to be on that day of the week when the school cafeteria had a special on half chicken stewed in sweet and sour sauce. (Mluhya lazima a-represent pwana!)

So one day at the Mall I came across a Duke Ellington CD on offer so I bought it SPECIFICALLY to assist in the Economics lecture slumber! When the TA starts yapping, with sijui graphs of what and what….. plug in the earphones, press play on the discman and zone out. (Probably explains why I failed that module in spectacular fashion…) 


Speaking of Jazz, while in SA late last year I copied lots of music from other guys’ computers, and I found this gem among the numerous un-named folders. It’s a South African Afro Jazz song that’s currently top of Archer’s favourite ngomas list. I’m not a lovey dovey lovesick fool like I once was, but this song takes me places. You’ve just got to listen to it! Lovely voices and the instrumental is tight. (If you can catch the dude’s voice in the background of the chorus, you’ll see what I’m talking about)  

I don’t know the name of the track or of the artist, so I’ll just call it “What you are to me” I wonder where I can get more of this kind of music. Does anyone know? Anyway, I insist, download the song and listen to it on full bass. It’s beautiful. 


Click HERE to download What you are to me. 


If you like the track, you can see me sideways and I can hook you up with a few others that I have. I can upload them onto my 4shared.com account for your downloading pleasure. 

To those who are into Jazz, where’s the starting point for someone who would like to know more about the genre? I’m trying to expand my musical knowledge.  

(Hii maneno ya hip hop ya upuzi tupu, sijui msee moja anakaa
kama wanugu anataka kunyorea wengine…..usiresi!)

I’ve noticed that Jazz is really catching on in
Nairobi especially among the younger peeps (mid 20s upwards) and I hope that it’s only a matter of time before we have more of our very own local Jazz artistes. We have a few good ones already, but we need more. Are there any Jazz nights in



Ministry of Health Warning: Ku-hanye na Methu na Bantuts ni harmful to your health!!! We found ourselves at K1 on Wednesday night watching
Milan hammering Loserfool (You Never Wa*k Alone) shortly after we were grooving to some mad ass kao tunes…! Wacha tu ni-censor ma details.

My only  beef with that night is that for once I was the SHORTEST person in the crowd, vile Methu up theeeeeea is like 6″ 3′, Bants and some other damsel I was with are both like 6″1′ and I was down there at 6″ 0′. And the three idiots kept rubbing it in that I was short… You guys are so mean. SHINDWE!!