Kwani we’ll be doing this tagging business every year? Last year it was the 6 weird facts about yourself tag (where I did 12!!) I guess I should have been less enthusiastic and left out a few for this year! So I’ve been tagged by both Aco and Kirima, and there’s one more by Kayliz which I’ve taken my sweet time in getting round to addressing. So here goes…

Seven things (that you probably didn’t know) about myself. 

1. I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY loathe hop hop and anything that comes along with it. (I guess that’s  not really a secret by now) My hard drive is running out of memory, so 15 GB of hip hop is soon going to find its way into the recycle bin. 

2. I was the cutest of babies! My mum still has my framed baby pictures  in her office, next to her degrees, diplomas and accolades. I was tiny and chubby, very light skinned like a point five (you’d have thought that someone alitinga bao ya offfside!) And I had curly hair! I wonder what went wrong along the way. Anyway, at least I know that I have the potential to bless some deserving damsel with very cute little ones that will be the envy of other tois in nursery! My 3 year old daughter will be coming home with love letters and lollipops! Any interested damsels are welcome to submit their applications….

3. I have a morbid fear of dogs (except those of the mbwa koko variety) I’m the guy who’ll serenade a chic with the usual lies “I’ll climb the highest mountain, swim across the Atlantic for your love….” But at the first “WOOF!!” I’ll be that little dot rapidly vanishing into the horizon. Sio kwa ubaya, it’s survival tactics. Always look out for number one (self). The only dog that I’m pals with is Sunkuli my trusted german shepherd. The first days were a bit funny though, with the tiny scared puppy running to hide behind a bush, and Archer running in the opposite direction. The morph does have his days though. A couple of months ago, he almost munched off my shin! A swift jab to the ear brought Sunki back to his senses. (Si ungesema you were hungry?) And if you’re wondering why my dog’s name is Sunkuli, he was born soon after KANU were kicked out of office. And his biatch’s name was Ruto

4. I’ve been a Chelsea fan for nine years now. Unlike the majority of bootleg fans who jumped into the bandwagon as soon as Abramovich arrived with his billions and Jose Mourinho. I first started watching the Premier League around 1995 after influence from my older bro who was Man U damu. I decided to venture out and find a team of my own instead of following his choice, so I first supported Newcastle FC for one season (but they’ve never really been going anywhere in a hurry) then I switched to Arsenal for another season (yes I was once a gooner) before we got FIFA ‘98 on Nintendo 64. The only team that was evenly matched with Man Utd in terms of skill and ability was Chelsea, and that was the only team that I could beat my bro with. Later on I started watching Chelsea matches and fell in love with the team. The good old days of the legendary Gianfranco Zola, Gianluca Vialli, Tore Andre Flo, Roberto di Matteo, Dennis Wise, Mark Hughes etc.

5. I chase my Tuskers with a shot of Viceroy to help the Tusker to do its job! Damn you EABL!! Taking away my Pilsner ice without consulting me. YES I’M STILL IN DENIAL!! Nothing else tastes quite like my Pilsner Ice. 

6. I’ve always had a very short temper that has landed me in trouble quite a number of times. I even found myself at a shrink’s office once for anger management therapy. I’ve however learnt over the years to keep it under control. These days I avoid situations that are likely to cause me to explode by either keeping quiet or walking out of the room to have a wooooosaaaa moment. But there are those times when letting loose is just unavoidable. When that happens, you best flee.


7. I was quite an artist as a kid. I could draw (mostly cars) exactly as they were, down to the finest of details. My dad once asked me to draw his car on an A3 paper, and he had that drawing framed and hang on the wall in his office (my folks love me, eh?) I’ve always been a BMW fanatic and I once harboured ambitions of one day being the head of design at BMW. Seeing that Chris Bangle and Adriaan van Hooijodonk have really messed up the design at BMW, maybe I should have followed that career path. Coz seriously, WTF is this?

2007 BMW Concept CS

2007 BMW Concept CS

I could stick a BMW badge on my arse and it’d still look better then THIS!!

So who hasn’t been tagged yet? Kayliz, Kipepeo, Shiroh, Betty, Unyc.  Do the needful.

The second tag was to give 5 reasons why I blog.

1. At the time when I started blogging, it provided a good distraction from all the fakism and immaturity that I has to contend with from the idiots in my real life.

2. To rediscover the writing talent that I once had years ago. Clearly I’m not getting any better!

3. To express myself in ways that I’m not able to do in real life. You’d be very surprised to find that the dude behind this Archer facade is quite sensitive and emotional (was until very recently a lovesick fool!) And sometimes very introverted and reserved.

4. A good number of the blogs that I read have shaped the way that I think about several issues, and that has helped me to mature intellectually and to open up my mind to various viewpoints. It’s a wonder why then I subject my poor readers to 5 bob opinions and nonsense every week! And you guys keep coming back for more!!!! That’s the funniest thing.

5. Now this is getting tough! Where do I find a fifth reason why I blog? OK, since my readership demands for a post every week! Gotta keep guys happy!! Can the following characters follow suit and give us 5 reasons why they blog.  

Aco, Methu, Devious, Movie Buff, Kirima.

What’s on my playlist?

Stomp your feet – The Crumpster