It seems that some individuals just won’t let issues die!! After some characters hacked into my blog using a password that they already had, I did this post, and thought that the story ended there. I let the issue slide and I even moved on to blogging about other things!

But when the same individuals go out and do a post like this one, (read the comments too) followed by such comments on M’s blog, seriously, WTF is wrong with you? What are you trying to achieve?

Why are you suddenly on the defensive over the hacking incident? If you know nothing about it, then why all the noise that you’re making? 

The guilty are always afraid. I believe that there’s a lot more about the incident than DK (alias Sue, Jermaine, among many other aliases) and her associate are willing to share.

Back to your post:

“sick is the mind of the motherfucking whore who’s behind…” 

So now you wanna get abusive?

“But I sit back with my pack of success and the thoughts and this viceroy that gives me the shit needed to be the most blunt and most honest and maybe meanest blogger in this place,”

SAY WHAT?! Good joke! If you’re the most blunt and most honest blogger out there, why don’t you come out with the truth about your involvement in this incident?

“and seems I’ve been cursed with this curse to just curse in bizarre, and this stress that’s been eating me recently’s gonna be off my chest and I rest peacefully…”

Um…Eminem is actually PAID to do that, so why don’t you just let him get on with his job?  

“Some dicks’ve got so much time on their hands, so they do shit on other people’s privacy,or they do shitty stuff on their own arses, or whatever the fuck happened, just for the freaksy attention.”

So now who’s looking for attention between you and me? I’m looking for whose attention?

“When I dont give a fuck and I wont put up with this shit, the bullshit they do is they pull their shit too, and blame it on others. So some pricks point a finger at me and I point the same finger at them but I do so in politeness”

You call this polite? LOL!! 

“since, all of this controversy circles me, just coz I know the “victimized” just by name and chat.”

Chic, surely you can lie a bit better than that, can’t you?

“Now it’s a tragedy, it’s so sad to see this happening. Putting paranoia and mistrust in peep’s minds. Just coz of your freaksy attention seeking habits…”

Paranoia? Do you even know the meaning of that word?

And I really need for you to confirm this: I’m seeking attention from WHO?  And for what benefit?

Young girl, let me tell you something. And this goes to your friend as well. I’m not intimidated by you at all, or the silly games that you want to play. Make all your silly little noise, shout from that tiny little anthill of yours, but you should know by now (if you haven’t noticed already) that no one’s really interested in listening to your bullshit!! Eventually you’ll be long forgotten.

The next time that you, your several alter egos or your friend open your mouths, only two things should emerge from there.

1. Information as to who was behind the hacking into of my blog. Why? It seems that you both know quite a lot more about the incident than you[’re wiling to share. You had the motive and you had the means. It’s up to the two of you to convince me otherwise.

2. If you’re not ready to volunteer that information, then kindly shut up, and focus on blogging about something totally different altogether.

Don’t start a war if you know you don’t have the ammo to take you through to victory. Don’t start a war when it’s evident that you’re going to lose. I’ll have you know that you have much more to lose than I do coz all this revolves around your personal life. You don’t want me to expose that, do you? There are a lot of idlers out there who would want to hear about your shenanigans. Don’t let me expose you for what you really are, which is a psychopath, a liar, an individual of very suspect character, and a very stupid immature little girl. As I said, think twice about whether you want to do this coz I’ve got very little to lose. Only what, my KBW membership? Ha! Newsflash…’s not worth that much these days!!!  

Keep your personal domez to yourself. Your domez are yours and I am sure you do not wish them to become public knowledge so kindly desist from commenting on an issue that you claim to know nothing about.