I know that some people must be wondering what I was rambling on about in my previous post.  

On Tuesday evening, someone hacked into my blog and edited one of my previous posts and re-published it, while including a paragraph of not-so-pleasant things about a certain KBW member. The grammar was rather shoddy and one wouldn’t have found it hard to realize that it wasn’t me who wrote that paragraph. 

The issue about the post was brought to my attention when a certain blogger pal called me at midnight shortly after the post went up, and he asked me what I’d been smoking, so as to write such a thing on my blog. I was in shock, because the last time I was anywhere near a PC was some time last week when I last posted an article on this blog. I was even more surprised when went online on my cellphone, clicked onto my blog and read the post, because I for sure didn’t write it! Unless someone can convince me that I was sleep-posting between 11:45pm and 12:00 am, which in my case is highly unlikely. 

So how did someone hack into my blog? Well, I’d given out my password to two different parties to make some necessary modifications after I set up this blog, since I wasn’t very conversant with WordPress. I just forgot to change the password when they were done, which clearly was my mistake. One of these parties is supposed to be trusted and above suspicion, while the other is a blogger pal who I trust and regularly ask for assistance with WordPress related problems whenever they arise. Somehow this person got hold of my password (how that leaked, I’d very much like to know) and used that opportunity to cause mayhem. 

Whoever is responsible for this malicious act is trying to stoke the embers of past beefs in KBW by launching an attack on a certain KBW member, while trying to make me look responsible for that, as well as trying to get me removed from KBW. The same person has been playing both sides against the middle and creating issues that don’t exist. 

This person also attempted a hostile takeover of my blog by changing my password and my email address. It’s good to want to be me. Imitation is the best form of flattery. But there’s only enough room for one Archer, and for the moment, I’m he. 

My advice to this individual is this, find something better to do with your time. Read a book, sleep, take a walk, or get off the B train and find someone to dance the horizontal rhumba (Kipepeo 2007) with. Coz surely, impersonating Archer at that hour of the night? I wouldn’t be surprised if the suspect has a big sticker at the back of his/her car written “When I grow up I wanna be just like Archer!” 

(yes I’m full of myself…so what else is new?)

What’s on my playlist?   

Impartial – Mattafix