So, apart from soccer, there was also Formula 1 action over the weekend at the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang.

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa blew a starting pole position to allow both McLaren Mercedes of reigning world champion Fernando Alonso and rookie driver Lewis Hamilton to pass, and thus he and team-mate Kimi Raikkonen spent the rest of the race trying to catch up.

Hamilton Leads Raikkonen
Hamilton keeps Kimi Raikkonen at bay

McLaren Mercedes scored a one two victory, with defending World Champion Fernando Alonso taking the victory thus giving McLaren Mercedes their first victory since October 2005, and followed by 22 year old Lewis Hamilton, who also produced the fastest lap of the race.

This kid is really impressing me! I didn’t want to comment much after his third place finish at Melbourne a few days ago coz I figured that might have been his lucky day. But after keeping “The Iceman” Kimi Raikkonen firmly behind him and coming in second at Sepang, I’m starting to see real potential in the chap. Lewis is incredibly gifted and clearly McLaren Mercedes have found themselves a future world champion here. McLaren Mercedes team boss Ron Dennis should make this guy sign a lifetime contract!!

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Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

But trust the British press to create so much un-necessary hype that creates un-necessary pressure on poor Hamilton. Can’t you guys just let him drive? Now they expect him to win the British Grand Prix later in the season. He’s being touted as the next British world champion since Bunson Jetton (how does this man get laid with a name like that?) clearly isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. The British press is notorious for creating tons of hype around a new found talent, therefore setting him/her up for a fall, and best believe the same British press will be there to splash the nasty details on the front pages once the star slips. Remember Wayne Rooney and the 2006 World Cup?

And what’s with the emphasis on Hamilton’s race? It’s been said that perhaps he’s Formula 1’s version of Tiger Woods! Who cares if he’s black or half this half that? It’s not his skin colour that’s doing the driving! He’s an incredibly talented young man with immense potential to be World Champion one day. Let’s leave his race out of this! It’s irrelevant! Give him time to grow, make mistakes, learn from them and I’m sure that he’ll deliver eventually.

Anyway, I like how the new season is shaping up. Keep it up, Fernando and Lewis!! I’m already seeing a constructor’s title this season.

Fernando & Lewis celebrate

Fernando and Lewis celebrate their one – two

I know there aren’t many Formula 1 fans out there, but at least I’m assured that Bankelele and Adrian are somewhere reading this.

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