Ladies and gentlemen of KBW, and other readers of this 5 bob blog of mine, I’m sure that by now you all know me and my character. I’ve interacted with several of you either through your blogs or mine, others we chat with regularly, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a good number of you in person. So I’d like to believe that I’ve proved my character as being a very peaceful individual who harbours no ill intentions towards anyone. Character witnesses are there to prove this fact, and you all know yourselves.

I have no time to indulge in blog wars, but given the fact that I’m currently very bored and very idle just getting fat in my house, if you want to indulge me in a blog war, then so be it. Waste my time knowing that I have an abundance of it. And I’ll waste yours as well. Leta matusi, na nitakurudishia matusi yale yale vilivyo!!

I’m sure you’re all wondering what I’m talking about. Allow me to explain.

Late Saturday night I was surfing the web checking out a few blogs here and there. I clicked into the KBW Aggregator and the very first post there caught my eye. Not that the content was any interesting, but because of the name, “My own spot on this world……..” which bears a striking resemblance to Acolyte’s well known blog “My part of the world………” I found that very interesting for one.

Secondly, the blog description was an exact carbon copy, word for word even minus spaces between commas and full stops just in the same manner as Aco’s. It read:

“Life is War.To master the art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Srtike him as hard as you can, and keep moving.”

That was obviously copied word for word from Aco’s blog. Even where the spaces appear or don’t appear. Then I read some of the posts and came aross this:

*Unfortunately Blogger is refusing to upload the picture*

“Mahiakalo area assistant chief, Amos Ngaira whips suspects after he raided their home in Bukhulunya village Kakamega district and recovered property worth Sh100,000 believed to have been stolen.”

Not only was the photo copied from M’s distinguished blog tHiNkEr’S rOoM, but so was the entire paragraph as well. Copy paste. I scrolled down further and came across this photo that I took with my cellphone camera and posted it onto my blog

*again Blogger has refused to upload the picture, but you’ll find the picture here on my blog and here on his blog.*

And here it is being passed on as someone else’s, but I have no doubt as to where he got it from.

I decided to email Acolyte and M to inform them of what was going on, so that they may take the necessary action against this deliberate act of plagiarism. Furthermore, I invited a couple of other bloggers and one member of KBW admin to take a look at this blog and see if there’s something fishy going on there and they did. They concurred with me that some serious Xeroxing was taking place right there.

I also took it upon myself to email the character involved and I requested him to quit copying stuff from other KBW (and ex) member’s blogs. This is the email that I sent to him:

RE: Be Careful

My good sir,

I’d like to believe that you’re both old and mature enough to understand the meaning of plagiarism and the implications of the same. I’ve noticed that you’ve been copying bits and pieces from other blogsand passing them off as your own, sometimes even word for word. Please stop doing this. It reflects very badly on you as a person. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.


I’d have expected that a mature individual who claims to be 23 years of age would respond to my email in the same manner that I sent it to him. Privately. But nooooo, the fellow decides to not only send me two emails, but to do a post about it (he didn’t mention my name though. I wonder why, cowardice perhaps?) Read that post HERE. He claims that I threatened him in my email. Who…me? Threaten who? Have I ever threatened anyone in my life, especially a nonentity that I don’t even know or give two shits about? Please! Anyone tell me where you can see a threat being made. Dude, quit smoking hashish! You’re clearly hallucinating!

D.M. (oh sorry I forgot to mention it, but that’s the character’s name) has challenged me to produce any evidence that the content of his blog have been copied from other blogs. I believe I’ve done just that. Feel free to scroll up and have another look. But he thought he’s such a genius that THIS MORNING he changed the title of his blog from “My own spot on this world……..” to “my world”, and the blog description from “Life is War.To master the art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving.” To “Haters gonna hate,playas gonna play!” He even changed his template TWICE in one day!!

Judging from the new blog description and the post that he’s written about this incident, I take this as a thinly veiled attack on myself. Kweli au sivyo?

I’d like to inform D.M. that I have never been to his blog before, neither do I know any other blogger who has ever even mentioned any of his content in passing, as being worth taking a look at. I didn’t even know that he or his blog existed until I saw the very shameless manner in which he’s trying to attract traffic to his blog by copy pasting content from other bloggers’ blogs. I have absolutely no reason whatsoever to single out one individual and decide to hate on him. I’m just not that kind of person. But if you want to incite me, go right ahead.

Surely, for a person who claims to be a software developer, one would assume that he’d have just a modicum of intelligence and that he’d alter the words that he copied from other blogs, then pass them off as his own. And for said “software developer” to commit obvious plagiarism right here within KBW, knowing very well that his posts would appear simultaneously on the aggregator and that he would definitely be caught out, to me that shows a deliberate action with mischievous intent. Dude, where did you get your I.T qualifications? Havarrd International Information Technology Centre and Telephone Bureau atop Hotel Digitho bar and lodging somewhere in Ruiru off the Route 145 stage? Ama you bought it at some back street or shagged a lecturer’s assistant to help you get it?

Dude, if you’re so confident that you’ve not copy pasted anything from any other blog, then why did you change your blog title, your blog description AND even your template all at a go, this morning? What have you to hide?

I’m not a fool dadii, so please don’t take me for one. Don’t drag me down to your level coz I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you’ll beat me with your several years worth of carefully cultivated experience. Do yourself that favour. Tafadhali!

Anyway, people, the evidence (or what’s left of it) is there to be seen. I don’t have to convince you any further that we have individuals of dubious character in our midst (all along I’ve thought it’s only the resident lunatic who leaves 4000 word comments) I’m sure that you will arrive at that conclusion by yourselves. Over to KBW Admin, do something! Such behaviour should not be allowed.

For this act of stupidity, this person has earned himself an award that is soon going to become a regular feature on this blog, and who’s previous recipient was James Kamangu Ndimu. Therefore, without further ado…


D.M. (Danger Mouse?)