Good morning folks!

New year, new changes!! As you can see, I've been doing a bit of
housekeeping around mi casa. After fidgetting around with this new
template for 3 months now, I've finally been able to upload it onto my
blog. Now that the Kaybees might be coming up in a few months, that
category for "best modified template" si mnaijua? Yes, that one. Si
you'll remember to nominate and vote for pwana Archer in that
category? Yes, najipigia debe, una shida? (bribes of the frothy nature
can be organized though. See me sideways! [nione kando] *I can't
remember which KBWer came up with this here phrase in 2006 but
unajijua, sivyo?*)

Now, not everything is easy breezy. In order for the new template to
work, we had to revert to the old version of Blogger, as it does not
support the new version. So this is basically a trial run. Please be
generous with your opinions and feedback.
a) What do you think about the new template?
b) How easy is it to navigate around the blog?
c) For those of you on the new version of Blogger, can you still post
comments here without having to switch to anonymous?

All this would not have been possible without the generous assistance
of my good sir, the chief KBW pimp/ comedian extraordinaire Aegeus.
Big Ups! Kudos go to KBW Admin as well for their advice and assistance
with this template during the earlier stages. Big ups to you too.

Na hiyo…(looks around mi casa appreciating the new paintjob)…ni maendeleo!