First things first, blogger just dished up my post twice! So I had to
re-send via Gmail!

I missed the KBW meet up on 23rd Dec! I only found out about it much
later on Aegeus blog! Well, that's too bad coz it'd have been great to
meet and hang out with all you guys. Hope y'all had a blast. Anyone
care to fill in the rest of us on what went down?

Nairobi is ok I guess. Haven't ventured out much coz some silly
Nairobian bashed my poor Helen so she's been admitted to the jikoni
until further notice! And I feel so helpless trying to get around
without my car. I guess I'll have to get used to using the Mercedes
J-Class now. (J-Class = Javelin = Jav = Matatu. Get it?? Good!)

Coming up soon: detailed report on the night out with Kenyanchick!! Stay tuned.

Oh…happy festive season to all.