Just decided to share a few pictures that I’ve taken during the last one year. Blogger is acting up so I couldn’t put them in the order that I’d intended, but hope you enjoy them none the less.

That’s my little spot in the sun, “my bench” where I come to sit and think. Best done with a couple of gafs, a coke and an MP3 player.

My bowling shoes. THose are size 13.5, that’s why they look so funny. Not to mention the colour of course.

At least you’re a world champion!

The infamous staircase where I assumed flight a few months ago. The brutes threw me from the top, picked me up and threw me down the second flight. I’m ok though, so no sympathy comments tafadhali. That’s a chapter closed but not forgotten.

I wonder what’s next, Sembe Avenue?

A free beer + a plate of mutura & soup goes to whoever can correctly guess which establishment in Nairobi owns this here sign.

Ass pies? Cheese burger pies?

No comment

My former housemate’s pyjamas.

It was on CNN this morning. Did you see it?

I wonder if this dude got any calls.

Sometimes honesty isn’t such a good idea

Woe unto you if you’re sandwiched between two fat women. It’s happened to me before!

I wonder which idiot this was meant for

I pay my fare, you drive your taxi, you shut the fuck up.

This kid crept up on me at the supermarket. I wonder what his mother looks like!

Really? Njoo tuendeshane off-road ndio tujue!

Really? This much? Wow, you don’t have top shout about it.