Really, we don’t. We are a bunch of lazy ignorant young people. Am I wrong?Most of us read only what we are required to (text books) but how often do we read other books to expand our knowledge? How often do we utilize the resources at our disposal to further our knowledge of what is going on in the world around us? We have libraries with thousands of books. We have the internet where tons of vital information can be found at the click of a button. But how often do we use the internet productively? What are the chances that you’ll find a 21 year old soaking up an intelligent publication on a Saturday afternoon? More often than not, we the young generation would at that time, be in a pub somewhere watching premier league (I know I would!), or simply lazing around doing nothing of significance. And when we do read something, it would most probably be a trashy tabloid, crap magazines like Men’s Health or Cosmopolitan, OPRAH (!!!) or fairytale romance novels. How often do we engage each other in intelligent debate?

We are an IGNORANT generation. We fill our minds with such useless information as which rapper feuded with who (I watched “Beef 3” the other day, ati Nelly & Chingy feuded over who was the originator of the word “Dirrty”! Seriously, what the fuck is this? See why I don’t listen to hip hop?), what brand of ngotha David Beckham wears, and lots of useless celebrity gossip. If someone can tell you, in detail, the history of the East Coast vs West Coast beef in the ‘90s, but doesn’t know that Chad is a country in Africa… All that space could have been used to store more useful information.

You can imagine my embarrassment when a media student asked me to recommend a few good books by acclaimed Kenyan writers. Er….. Name three books by Ngugi wa Thiong’o. Ok I knew a few. But that’s when it hit me that I do need to read more. A lot more. A whole library more! It’s embarrassing when guys from other countries know more about Kenyan authors than you do. Coz what’s your excuse? It was more embarrassing when I did a search on the library database and found that they have copies of all of Ngugi’s books. (as well as Moi’s The Making of an African Statesman, which I’m currently reading…you could almost think Uncle Dan is a living saint!) I’ve made it my mission to read them all, as well as other books by top African writers.

So what I want to do right now is this. There are a lot of people out there who’ve read quite a lot. I want you guys to recommend to me books, especially by African writers, and other intelligent publications that I should get my hands on. I feel like I’m wasting away coz I know far much less than I should at my age.

(It would be interesting to know what kind of books the likes of M and Potash dig into in their free time.)

Listening to:

1. Mattafix: Everyone around you
2. Matisyahu: Jerusalem

I read all the hype about Matisyahu on some KBW blogs about 2 months ago, got the bootleg album on my PC and threw in Mattafix as well. Now I can’t stop playing both! Too deadly!

Happy Kenyatta day people! Kesho it’s the full Harambee Stars kit plus kikoi na akala! (for me that is!)