Ok mimi iko na swali. (yes I know it’s mimi nina swali…I think I got an A- in Swa but do I say?) We all know how complex relationships (or CFAs) can be. These are just a few of the situations that we find ourselves in and I’d like to know what y’all would do if faced with such.

Some might seem rather obvious coz of the unspoken codes, rules and levels of loyalty and expectation that exist between guys and chics respectively. E.g. I’d like to believe that guys will always cover each others asses whereas chics will always look out for their girlfriends. I hope I’m making some sense?

For the purposes of these questions, let’s define a few words first.

a) Your boy/girl: your very tight pal, the one you’d take a bullet for any day.
b) Your pal: just a guy/chic that you happen to know.

For the dudes:

1. Would you hook up with your boy’s/pal’s ex? Does it make any difference if your boy/pal has already moved on with someone else, or if this is happening a long time after they broke up? Would you be pissed off if your boy/pal hooked up with your ex, and why?

2. Your boy’s chic is dogging on him, both she and the other dude know that you know. Would you sell them out? If so, how would you go about it? Straight up or under pundez? If somehow he finds out about it and that you knew, what next?

3. Your pal is dogging on his chic on the regular, and she happens to be a very close friend of yours. Would you sell him out? If so, how?

For the ladies:

1. Would you hook up with your girl’s ex? Same as Q1 for the guys above.

2. If you meet a guy and you realise right from the word go that he’s feeling you, but he doesn’t act on it, does that eventually influence how you will feel about him when he gets the guts to step up to you?

2. Your pal is dogging on her man on the regular, and he happens to be a very good friend of yours. Would you sell her out? And if so, how would you go about it?

For everyone:

If your partner was dogging on you and your boy/girl knew about it but didn’t say a word to you for the entire duration that this was going down, how would you react?

This should be interesting!


Archer got a job last Thursday at a fancy restaurant, I’ve never done an honest day’s work in my life so this should be interesting for me. I’ll do a whole post on that later. I don’t really need the job but the pay is good and I’ve realized that iPods and Playstation 3s don’t grow on trees! (check out those rhyming skillz!)