As you can see, I’ve decided to delete my previous post about the alleged Lorna Irungu porn pics. I received plenty of negative comments about it, some even bordering on the brink of abusive and emotional.

It takes a real man to own up to his mistakes and to make amends for them, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Not to please anyone who was not impressed by the post, but because it is the right thing to do. Despite the anonymity that I enjoy in blogosphere, I still do have morals and a conscience.

Clearly my so called “well informed sources” aka “insiders” were not truthful with that information and I was led to believe that the chic in the pics was Lorna. It turned out not to be. Many of you already know the truth about the origin of the pics and the identity of the chic, and I thank you for showing me the light. At least I’ll be better placed to inform others who are still convinced that it is indeed Lorna. In that case I truly apologise to Lorna (though I highly doubt that she’ll be reading this) for contributing in my own way to tarnishing her good reputation, and to anybody else who felt offended by the post. That was definitely not my intention, I thought I was merely exercising my freedom of speech and opening up a can of worms was definitely not what I had in mind.

I literally shot myself in the foot over that issue coz after reading one of my previous posts about Kenyans and our rumour mongering and gossiping habits, I still went out and basically did the same thing that I was criticizing! How stupid was that?

Haiya, now to you, James. First, thanks for reading my posts and for your generous comments. Much appreciated. But as for your vitriolic comments, all I can say is that however much I try to write stuff that people will read and hopefully enjoy, I blog, first and foremost, for myself, to express my thoughts and feelings about events that occur in my life. I’m not here to please or suck up to anyone. I understand that you were offended by the post, many people were. But there was no need to get all emotional and vitriolic.

(which reminds me of something I’ve always thought about but I’ve never got round to proving. One can argue with facts and win [or lose] but once one starts an argument fuelled by emotion, just concede defeat and let go. Coz you definitely won’t win! And that’s why women always “win” arguments! Coz we let them!)

This experience has taught me a couple of things. Don’t believe everything you hear. Freedom of expression comes at a price. And that KBW has a very mature membership and audience. I’m impessed.

Anyway I hope this successfully settles the matter once and for all. Now let’s get on with life.


A few other subtle changes on the blog, my profile pic is now in colour (is that really newsworthy?) and The Acolyte was kind enough to let me harass him for a few weeks to upload a stats counter onto my blog. Asante sana. Beers on me at a meet-up in future.