I just received this email and it was so hilarious, I felt I had to share it! Enjoy!

This is a real story!

A story is told of this young girl who boarded a matatu from town (NRB). The Matatu was headed for Western Kenya.

On reaching Westlands the gal got from her seat and walked to thedriver and asked, ‘Tumefika Naivasha?”

In amazement the driver answered her, “bado mtoto”

On they moved and on reaching Kangemi the gal walked to the driver again, “Tumefika Naivasha?”

“Bado” the driver replied.

After another 10 mins, the girl asked the same question and the same answer was given. The driver was by now getting very irritated by the little one who was asking if they had reached Naivasha after every few minutes but the passengers just looked on.

The next time she asked, the driver promised that he would alert her when they got to Naivasha, “Tukifika Naivasha, nitakuambia.”

So the young one relaxed, sat on her seat and perhaps even blacked out. On reaching Naivasha, the driver had neatly forgotten the deal, so he continued driving and twenty minutes after Naivasha the girl stood up and asked the driver the usual question.

Oh Oh, the driver had no words now that he had forgotten to keep his promise. The fellow passengers in anger started quarrelling the driver for failing the young girl. They demanded that she be driven back to Naivasha then they proceed to wherever they were going.

Being the good guy that he was, the driver turned the matatu around and drove back to Naivasha and told the girl, “Sasa tuko Naivasha.”

The girl stood up, stretched her hands to the luggage rack, picked her bag, opened it, removed bread and milk, sat down and started eating the bread and drinking the milk.

Now everyone in the matatu wondered and just looked at the gal. So the driver goes, “Tumefika Naivasha, si ushuke!” and the girl goes, “Mami aliniambia nikifika Naivasha, nitoe mkate yangu na maziwa nikule.”

“Na unaenda wapi?” asked the driver.

The girl replies calmly and in between munches…”Naenda Kakameka”