Kenyans are truly a unique breed! Only Kenyans can do some of the things we do. And it’s not stuff that we can be proud of.

I’ve been quietly following this whole vibe between Mental and Poi from my little ka spot. I don’t want to comment much on the issue coz I know it’s absolutely none of my business and it won’t be fair for me or anyone else for that matter to take sides blindly and start flinging accusations and threats left right and centre. And those who decided to join in the beef should have at least had the courtesy to verify their facts beforehand and assess the situation from a neutral perspective before making their conclusions.

I followed the link in Thinker’s blog to mashada where some individual went all out dragging people’s names through the mud. I wonder where he features in the whole equation. Dude defied basic logic (that Mental resides in the UK whereas Thinker’s based in Kenya) and proceeded to chafua poor M and call for his withdrawal from Mashada to allow for independent investigations. Later he apologized for his comments about M and said ati he was told by a friend who was a pal of who…that sijui who said what….whatefa!!

I’m not trying to start an argument with this dude neither am I trying to re-ignite that whole nasty incident. My beef is with some of our tabiaz as Kenyans. Kuingilia ugali ya wenyewe bila kuosha mikono. Being all up in other people’s business. Taking sides without taking into consideration the other party’s point of view (which I prefer to call blind arguing).

We are also dual-PhD holders in the fields of rumour-mongering (the more malicious the better!) and gossiping. Complete with adding our own version of events such that by the time the vibe gets to the 10th person, it bears absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the original story! (The big question is: Is it just a Kenyan affair? Coz I’ve interacted with peeps from other countries but they simply can’t out-do us in this field!)

Admit it! We do love to gossip! How else can we explain the growth, or at least the thriving of “gutter press” publications? Coz we love to hear all the dirt! We want to hear all the juicy vibe! The nasty details! Which celeb or politician was busted doing what they shouldn’t have been doing under the cover of darkness? Love triangles seem to be the outright favourite. (I won’t even talk about the pics doing the rounds on the internet of Lorna Irungu allegedly having sex with a mzungu).

People close to me and my family have had their names dragged though the mud courtesy of the gutter press. And boy, it wasn’t pretty! Imagine walking through the streets of Nairobi observing wananchi reading crap about your folks and unleashing comments like “kumbe….ni mbuzi hivi?” and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it! Worse still is that the few who ought to know better still go ahead to believe that bull! I hate to see anyone’s reputation get torn to shreds without at least being given the benefit of doubt.

Why is it that we do this? Why do we desire to see the absolute worst in every scenario, in every person even though we don’t even know them? And why do we believe rumours and gossip about people we know? Why can’t we rise above petty issues and think logically? Why can’t we let people’s personal issues be solved behind closed doors without airing their dirty linen in public?

OK I know that by putting your private domez out into the open, you’re basically asking for attention. There we can understand the intervention. And you will get the attention you crave! But why do we offer more problems than solutions?
I’m disgusted at the way the whole Mental-Poi vibe was handled (on Mashada) except by the two of them of course, coz their reputations are at stake and they have every reason to protect them by providing evidence to their defence. It’s all the other “expert witnesses” who ji-poxed into the vibe and threatened to call thikwodi thibecio (special squad)…

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m on neither side. I’ve read both sets of arguments and defenses and viewed the evidence provided by both. I’ve made my conclusion. But it remains just that, MY opinion. It doesn’t matter what I think! I don’t know either Mental or Poi personally but they surely don’t need another nose being poked into their biz. I think they’ve had more than enough.

To paraphrase a certain well-known phrase, you can take the Kenyan out of Kenya but you can never take Kenya out of him. No matter where you may be on planet earth, you’ll still encounter Kenyans who think and act in the very same way. Rumours will still fly all over the place, baseless allegations will still be made, names will still be dragged through the mud and reputations will still be destroyed.

It’s sad. Very sad, especially the fact that you’d expect mature people to think and act their age but they decide not to.

We should learn to stay away from issues that do not concern us. That’s if they’re private issues that are not out in the open. We ought to offer solutions instead of creating more problems. This rumour-mongering, mud slinging and gossipping enyewe we can do without. Only then can we also get rid of the gutter press (!!!!!!) and all those characters who think and act in similar fashion.

It all starts with you as an individual. Think about it. If we can all strive to be the bigger person I’m sure we can influence those around us to act similarly and with time, hopefully society will change. Ama?

Bottom line: I hope all this blog-o-drama is solved with as little bloodshed as possible.